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Rachel Decker Rachel Decker

Rachel Decker
the lighting goddess of Charybdis

Let not our babbling dreams affright our souls;
Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
Devis'd at first to keep the strong in awe:
Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.
March on, join bravely, let us to't pell-mell;
If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.

Shakespeare, "Richard III"

does it: designer.stage manager.carpenter.writer.singer.piano player.stitcher.reader.actress.artist.

loves it: light.the absence of Stewart

I moved to Chicago from a cheese factory small town in Wisconsin, and began working as a freelance electrician for theatres. Not really knowing what to expect from big city life, I thought I would have to wait for years and kiss countless asses before I had the chance to design lights or create art that would be shown. Instead, I somehow found myself at Charybdis. I jumped pell-mell into it, and it's a place that has given me freedom to express myself artistically, and in more fields than lighting. Since I have been involved with Charybdis, I've put talents to use that would have otherwise been forgotten or neglected. I'm still working as a freelance electrician and slowly working my way up the ladder, but I am armed with the knowledge that my creativity is encouraged and appreciated at Charybdis. I am amazed by how much support the members give each other.

I encourage others to jump into the maelstrom and experience the glorious tumult that is Charybdis. It's a wild ride, so hang on tight - but don't worry, you won't drown.

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