Gregor Mortis

Andrew Bedno

Mike "H-Dog" Browarski

Mike "Four/4" Brunner

Regina Buccola

William Darkë
& The Psycho Circus

Rachel Decker

Defiant Theatre Company

John DeLeonardis

AJ Esbrook

Mark Faje

Dara Gannon

Geoffrey Fingerhut

Alan Gold

Carm Grisolia

Cathy Haibach

Tom Hickey

The Higgins Family

Gail Knox

Nikki Lopez

Cristie Mather

Ron Mather

Daniel Myers

David Myers

Brian Miller

Rich "Ram" Moore

Richard "Chip" Rosenthal

Daniel Rowley

Karl Sacksteder

Mikel Samson

Madeline Schwartz

Brian Shaw

Cynthia Simms

Joe Swain

David Trantina

Reverend J Vela

James "Jaz" Zoccoli

Cathy speaks about Charybdis 
- video image from an interview by Madeline Schwartz

Cathy Haibach
Gallery Navigator

Cathy is the visual art gallery navigator for Charybdis and has been involved with the space for three years. She holds a BFA degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (1990) and shows her own artwork frequently. She also serves as art editor for The Site of Big Shoulders (, an online ‘zine dedicated to Chicago-based arts, and has been an active member of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. Cathy works for a division of Tribune Co. as a conference and event manager. Before moving to Chicago in 1996, she lived in Albuquerque, N.M.

“When I found Charybdis, I found my home. Nowhere else in the city is there a place where painters, sculptors, installation and performance artists, actors, musicians, and the many artists who don’t fall into a category, can all create in one place. Charybdis is the one place you can go to stretch and even break your boundaries, build an expansive network of brilliantly creative people, and explore art in all of its beautiful facets, with no corporation or funding program looking over your shoulder.”

Cathy summoning her Muse - photo by Andrew Bedno

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