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Cristie Mather - Self Portrait, Linoleum Block Print

Cristie Mather

I became involved with Charybdis in 1996 after attending a gathering at its location in the old washing machine factory near Diversey and Clybourn Avenues. For the first time, I was made to feel comfortable enough to display my amateur bass playing skills along with other, much more proficient musicians, as we formed an impromptu band. I immediately realized just how necessary it is to both give and gain support to and from other creative types, be they musicians, artists, performers, etc.

Charybdis provided not only a physical space to grow in but, more importantly, mentorship as I delved into other mediums over the next four years.

I have been involved in the discovery phases of several Charybdis initiatives, including planning events, raising public awareness, creating the web site, and developing the magazine.

I am currently living in Seattle, where I will continue my membership with Charybdis by forming alliances with area artists. I refuse to leave such a good thing behind in Chicago!

If you're in the Seattle area, whether you live here or are visiting, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail: