Gregor Mortis

Andrew Bedno

Mike "H-Dog" Browarski

Mike "Four/4" Brunner

Regina Buccola

William Darkë
& The Psycho Circus

Rachel Decker

Defiant Theatre Company

John DeLeonardis

AJ Esbrook

Mark Faje

Dara Gannon

Geoffrey Fingerhut

Alan Gold

Carm Grisolia

Cathy Haibach

Tom Hickey

The Higgins Family

Gail Knox

Nikki Lopez

Cristie Mather

Ron Mather

Daniel Myers

David Myers

Brian Miller

Rich "Ram" Moore

Richard "Chip" Rosenthal

Daniel Rowley

Karl Sacksteder

Mikel Samson

Madeline Schwartz

Brian Shaw

Cynthia Simms

Joe Swain

David Trantina

Reverend J Vela

James "Jaz" Zoccoli

The Higgins Family
Joanne, Tom, & Sara

Joanne Higgins is teetering on the edge of 40 and is a resident of the Jefferson Park community and a neighbor of Charybdis. She is a retired Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and holds a BA degree in music performance. She is an avid reader, a well-known fiber artist and a small business owner. Joanne has been a recovering alcoholic for more than 12 years.

Tom Higgins is a 46-year-old resident of the Jefferson Park community. He works in inside sales/customer service of electrical components. He is an avid Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast and a reader of all genres of literature. A proud small business owner in his community, Tom has been a recovering alcoholic for more than 10 years.

Sara Higgins turns 12 in 2001. Home-schooled for most of her life, she is a precocious child whose accomplishments include work as a fiber artist, clothing designer, poet and author, and also a “small, small business owner.” She is responsible for an impressive campaign of letter writing and speeches prepared during Charybdis’ struggle for zoning and licensing.

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