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Karl Sacksteder

I find, in the community of Charybdis, a vibrant and creative atmosphere that supports the efforts of its members to live their artistic dreams. I learn something new every time I go there, and meet people interested in what I have to offer. I wanted to be a part of a community like this for years, but creating my own life has been a full time occupation.

Thank you, Gregor, for your vision and persistence in keeping the dream alive.

- Karl Sacksteder

Karl’s been a photographer since he received his first box camera at the age of eight. His work is focused on the infinite, and subtle variations of expression, in nature, and the human face, trying to capture the complexities of both subjects. Self taught and shooting for his own pleasure, his work has only recently received public attention.

Karl’s been playing, teaching, and recording the didjeridoo since 1992. In 1993 he began creating live meditation sound environments. He has produced two CDs and a tape of his music. His latest is “RASA, A Meditation in D”, recorded at Shu-Man Studio with his partner, Marian McNair singing and playing the crystal bowl. He is currently teaching young children, working on a didjeridoo sample CD, and another for meditation.

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