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H-Dog leads Charybdis' famous, ever-changing paintball shooting gallery.
* War In Heaven * - designed by Mike Browarski.

Mike Browarski
aka "H-Dog"

Mike was educated at Columbia College, Chicago with a focus on computer graphics and color/design. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and currently works at APTE Inc., an educational software company specializing in Internet technology for young students.

“I love Charybdis because of the acceptance and encouragement of the full human spectrum of talent, creativity, and ambition. No single art form, or artist, is held above another.”

“Yesterday I said to my dog Sappho, "Pick a number between one and ten, but don't tell me what it is." Then I got really close to her head and screamed "SEVEN!" and she barked at me once, signifying that I had the correct answer.”

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