lim.ed.silkscreen by Scott Jackson $25 - #/75

The annihilation of 1998

On December 31st, New Year's Eve was history.
Charybdis set the detonators and lit the fuse to blow up another year.
Combining Live Music, DJs, Visual Art, & Performance Art, 1998 didn't have a chance.


* Live Musical Chaos that was...


* Visual Art by:

Brian Miller, Cathy Haibach, Cynthia Dwyer, Bill Kieffer, Zack Bandera, Christian Erik Meyer, Nic Dimond, Cristie Trepanier, Jes Farnum, Felix Miklik, Trish Carter, Geoffrey Fingerhut & Gregor Mortis

* Performance by:

Deep Sea Crunch & Sin Deep
a.k.a The Scientific

* DJ's:

Gregor Mortis & Aaron Gang

The evening also consisted of:

* Techno Erotic Paganism

* A Larger than Life Sony Playstation on a 15ft. screen

* Designer Aphrodisiacs

* Drinking & Driving with Massive slot car racing sets

* Industrial percussion structures to beat on

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