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The Gallery Exhibit !

Friday~August 17th 5-9pm
Saturday~August 18th 3-8pm

Through August 27th
Daily 3-10pm

Secret Ingredients:

Bella Donna
Bob Ehrlich
Tom Gillis
Cathy Haibach
Guy Incognito
Chris Kelly
Stephen Marshall
Gregor Mortis
James Ortiz
Mikel Samson
Josh Tasky
John Touzios
tRon Vega
Greg Verdant


Bob Kolody !
  • read all about his secret battle with Coca-Cola at the Guerrilla News Network

  • Featuring:

  • Coca-Karma: The Very Secret Battle of Bob Kolody vs. Coca-Cola
  • Paintings
  • Sculpture
  • Litigation
  • PopCan Sonata
  • Charybdian Retrospecticus

    and much more !

  • design by Mikel Samson

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