design by Mike Browarski

An Interactive Playground for Adults

Just like when we were in grade-school, recess was about fun and socializing.
We're creating a playground atmosphere in our 14,000 Sq. Ft. space.

Anything artists can think of or want to do.
RECESS is a time for play.

Interactive Attractions:

A Treehouse, Skee-Ball, Video games, Cargo climbing nets, multi-level slot-car racing, Swings, Slide, Giant Twister & Jenga, Entrance maze, Paintball shooting gallery, Basketball, Graffiti wall, Four-Square, Hopscotch, Frisbee,
and much much more!


A massive Half-Pipe for skateboarders!

RECESS begins Friday September 8th and continues through Saturday October 7th.

The Poncey Lads

Featured Artists:

  • Bands, Musicians, & Audio Artists

    Friday Sept. 8th

    Electronic musician & Metatone recording artist
    The Flashbulb - Chicago

    Didgeridoo with Attitude
    Karl Sacksteder - Chicago

    Experimental Noise Unit
    Metropolis - Chicago

    Saturday Sept. 9th

    Rock Group
    The Go Go Devils - Chicago

    Ethereal Sound Canvas
    Rasa - Chicago

    William Darke - Chicago

    Drum and Bass mixologist
    DJ Four/4 - Chicago

    Friday Sept. 15th

    Rock styling favorites
    Burnt - Chicago

    Hard hitting grooves
    Liftpoint - Chicago

    Drum and Bass mixologist
    DJ Four/4 - Chicago

    Saturday Sept. 16th

    Energetic earful
    Ultracyde - Chicago

    Raw power sounds
    Decoy - Chicago

    Audio mixers
    DJ Dave & Dan - Chicago

    Friday Sept. 22nd

    Didgeridoo with Attitude
    Karl Sacksteder

    Eclectic Mixing
    DJ sTigmuTha - Chicago

    Drum & Bass Mixologist
    DJ FOUR/4 - Chicago

    Saturday Sept. 23rd

    Creatively Combustible Sounds
    The Poncey Lads - U.K.

    Electronic Musician & Metatone recording artist
    The Flashbulb - Chicago

    Power Rock
    Forge - Detroit

    Happy Hardcore
    DJ Reverend Kate - Chicago

    Friday Sept. 29th

    Hip-Hop Jungle Fever
    Qualo - Chicago

    Hip-Hop Performance
    Kingpinz - Chicago
    Birds Of Prey - Chicago
    from Strawdog Theatre's "Return to the Howard Bowl"

    Audio Sculptor
    DJ Gregor Mortis - Chicago

    Dance Mixologists
    DJ Four/4 & DJ Dave

    Saturday Sept. 30th

    Rock Stylings
    Garden Bower - Chicago

    Psychedelic Sound Salad
    Soul Food - Chicago

    Audio Sculptor
    DJ Gregor Mortis - Chicago

    Gregor Mortis

  • DJ'S

    Gregor Mortis - Chicago

    Four/4 - Chicago

    Reverend Kate


    Dave & Dan

  • Performance

    Performance X - Grand Rapids, Michigan
    "Exhuming Ayn," Friday Sept. 29th "Freak Show Vegas" & "Luscious Meat," Saturday Sept. 30th

    The William Darke Psycho Circus & Freak Show, Saturday Sept. 30th

    William Darke

  • Paintings

    Brian Miller - Chicago

    Ron Richter - Chicago

    Ari Gonzalez - New York

    Bill Kieffer - Chicago

    Chris Matusak - Chicago

    Nerd - Chicago

    Revise - Chicago

    Dan Rowley - Chicago

    Christian Erik Meyer - Berlin

  • Sculpture / Installation

    Cathy Haibach - Chicago

    Ekim Leib - Chicago

    Gregor Mortis - Chicago

  • Mixed Media

    Gail Knox (egg tempera) - Chicago

    Cathy Haibach (fabric/fiber) - Chicago

  • High Voltage Display

    Nick Grisolia - Chicago

  • Photography

    Mike Shea - Chicago

    Keith Bishton - Chicago

  • Graffiti Art Crews

    Wallnuts - Chicago

    RK - Chicago

    XQZ - Chicago

    ISF - Chicago

    TAS - Chicago

    UAC - Chicago

    X-MEN - Chicago

  • Film

    Jim Hoppin, "A Spot Of Tea" - Chicago

  • Interactive Installation

    James Zoccoli - Chicago

    Mike Browarski - Chicago

    Gregor Mortis - Chicago

  • Interactive Host

    Ivan Micek - Chicago
    "Bubble Mania," Fridays Sept. 15th & Sept. 22nd

    still from A Spot Of Tea by Jim Hoppin

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