Pyro-Technique was a fireball of artistic energy, combining live performances, DJs, & visual art. Charybdis teamed up with Deep FunkShunz to ignite this scorching event.


Musical Performances

The instrumental funk of Shaista Bosch
The rhythmic stylings of the nine member underground hip hop crew, The Rec Center

Visual Pyromania

William Darkė (from the William Darkė Psycho Circus and Freak Show Spectacular) breathed, spit, and manipulated fire.


Seraphine, Poe Sai, Mike Steele, & The Rec Center's Emaculate

Performance Art

Margaret Goddard combined video projections & stunning choreography for "Butterfly Burning"


Mike Shea, Dagmara Mituniewicz

Graffiti Art

Zack Bandera

Painting & Visual Art

Joel Koster, Cynthia Dwyer, Damon Reed

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