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Into the Maelstrom Animation

Into The Maelstrom

Billed as a Halloween masquerade, on October 31st 1997,
Charybdis brought together the elements of nightmares,
combat, eroticism, torture, the occult, and astrology,
filtered through an elaborate exhibition of art and

To enhance the eclectic atmosphere, Charybdis utilized
costumes from an accelerating culture, large puppets,
paintings, installations, gothic sculptures, and an entrance
preceded by a claustrophobic maze ending with a sarcophagus.

Featured Artists:

  • Psychedelic Rants & Music

    Soul Food

  • Bedlam’s Playground - A Nightmare Performance

    Myka C. Quinn, Gregor Mortis, & Ryan "psychokitty" Galioto

    A performance montage consisting of rituals, violence,
    a cyber-Cheshire Cat & plenty of latex.

  • Xtreme Combat

    The Killzone Hitchhikers

  • Fortunes & Tarot


  • Torture & Erotic Play

    Jenna - ‘The Mistress of Night’

  • Audio Sculptor

    DJ Gregor Mortis

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