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"eMERGEnce," was a merge of artistic expression; the return of the renaissance artist, beatniks and street culture alike taking you on a journey through time and giving you the future.


Visual Arts - Graffiti, Photography, Oils, Computer, Sculpture!
Live Musical Performances - Acid Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae!
Spoken Word - Poetry, Monologues, Mc's, Rap!
Breakdancing Spotlight - Beats, Breaks, Spins!
Performance Art - Fashion, Costumes, Theatrics!
Skateboarding - A half-pipe for Skateboarding tricks!
Artistic Opportunities - Audience Participation, Improvisation, Networking!

Featured Artists:

  • Funk/Rock Combo

    Vinyl LP Kings

  • Violinist

    Jamie Bowman

  • Guitar & Vocals

    Tommie Randle

  • Rap MC's

    The Black Allies, Soul Child, Nipple the Pimp, Sin Deep, The Jazz Intellect, & Cisse Williams as Deep Sea

  • DJ'S

    DJ Sabotage, DJ Shon Dervis

  • Spoken Word

    Joffre Stewart, Brother Mike Hawkins, Funsho Akerel-Ale, Smokie, & Cisse Williams

  • Photography

    Mike Shea, Dagmara Mituniewicz

  • Graffiti Art

    Zack Bandera & Mike Shea

  • Painting & Visual Art

    Joel Koster, Cynthia Dwyer, Damon Reed, Smokie, & Funsho Akerel-Ale

  • Fashion Design

    Geosuff Obese Geere

    design by Kozmos

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