Chicago Artistís News - July/August 2001
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By Shag

Charybdis multi-arts-complex owner Gregor Mortis Tatro was taken to jail on May 19 for an event he held, in which a rollerblading woman was observed painting a canvas with her bare breast. The police also grabbed $1625 and a bowl of Blow Pops (evidence of un-American subversive activities?).

He was again arrested May 3I for showing a movie. Police also shut down a May 26 benefit. The alleged crimes were that Tatro did not have the proper business licenses for an event for which he charged (he says voluntary) admission; and, hold the presses, liquor consumption on the premises.

Charybdis is a 12,000-square-foot ex-bowling alley at 4423 N. Milwaukee, Chicago that is used as a gallery, performance space, studio, rehearsal hall and social center. Mr. Tatro says there was never a problem until a May 12 hip-hop event, which brought Blacks and Hispanics into the neighborhood. The next weekend the trouble started.

Until the building is rezoned, Mr. Tatro canít get the public performance license he needs. His landlord has been working on a zoning change since before Tatro moved in, for over a year. Mr. Tatro says 45th Ward alderman Patrick Levar is holding up the rezoning and getting him into trouble for not having the license in the meantime. Alderman Levar didnít return phone calls for a June 8 Chicago Reader article.

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