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Chaos In Motion

A Bacchanal Of Art
(an orgy of intellect, psychosis, & absurdity)

Charybdis celebrated with friends, first-timers, and celebrities on their first anniversary in the new space with Chicago's best artists of every medium.

Featured Artwork by:

David Aschenbrenner, Mark Arminski, April Stocky, Fred Burkhart, Carrie Harlan, Laura Roeper, King D.B Velveeda, John Howard, David Brown, Brian Miller, Jessica Lucas, Bill Kieffer, Trish Carter, Cathy Haibach, Mark Jacobson, Mark Arminski, Chris Hauseman, Gregor Mortis, and Geoffrey Fingerhut.

Featured Performers:

Friday, June 26, 1998:

Mark Jaroski

  • Master of Ceremonies

    Theresa Sofianos

  • "it's just that as I got to know you as a person, I could no longer treat you as an object" - Performance Art

    Little Makers

  • Band, featuring former members of Tribe of Souls


  • "Mary had a Little Lamb-Lambchop with Ros(em)ary" - Performance Art

    Steve Clark

  • "Sarabande - maybe that's why coach got my liver" - Performance Art

    Jeff Grygny

  • "Video Pirates" - Performance Art

    Margaret Goddard

  • "Butterfly Burning" - Performance Art with video projection

    The Singer and the Saw

  • Musical Comedy by members of The Midnight Circus

    Concussion Conti

  • Physical Stunts

    The Lucifers

  • Band, with former members of Trailer Hitch and The Wesley Willis Fiasco

    William Darkė/Mark the Knife

  • Dangerous Feats by members of the William Darkė Psycho Circus

    Poncey Lads

    - band

    Saturday, June 27, 1998:

    Blossom Appel

  • Poetry with Diggeridoo

    Tribal Screen Hens

  • Poetry/Band

    Christian Erik Meyer

  • live Body Painting/Performance Art

    Western Automatic Music

  • Band, formerly Zelienople

    Poncey Lads

  • Band

    Barbara Dawn

  • "Cotton Candy" - Performance Art

    Chris Hauseman

  • Performance Art

    Catfish Hunter

  • Band


  • Band

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