Cargo Net People

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Utilizing the myth of Charybdis,
Between A Rock and a Hard Place
was launched for the Around The Coyote art fest
in Wicker Park from September 4th to the 7th of 1997.

Charybdis’ first experiment with multi-media in the context of
a group show, explored a dilemma of today’s working artists:
freedom of expression in relation to the traditional
hierarchical gallery system.

Professor and student, experienced and novice,
each artist interpreted this theme using their
own individual medium and voice.

Artists included:

  • Environmental Encroachment

    presented a colorful performance
    of costumes, percussion, puppets and projection, all within the confines
    of a 50ft. cargo net, suspended from 14ft. rafters.

  • Margaret Goddard

    Art Institute of Chicago staff member,
    utilized metal, video and light in her provocative sculpture/installations.

  • Chris Hauseman

    performed a modernized Tibetan re-birthing ritual.
    Fetish objects, combined with nudity and lard, represented various
    stages of rebirth in this quiet and mystical performance.

    Other artists included:

    Trish Carter

    - abstract watercolour painting

    Ron Laurrieu

    - installation & drawing

    Jessica Lucas

    - mixed-media painting

    Brian Miller

    - acrylic painting

    Gregor Mortis

    - sculpture

    Laura Roeper

    - sculpture

    Shane Swank

    - acrylic painting.

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