Design by Trish Carter

Art Made Flesh

The response to the Charybdis event "Lust" was so overwhelmingly positive
that we decided our next show was going to zero-in on art derived from the body
and what it means to be human.

Combining dance, music, body painting, piercing, photography,
installation, sculpture, video, film, hair design, and performance.

The evening was enhanced even further with the spectator art of Paint Wrestling and Tar & Feathering .

Featured Artists:

  • Dance

    Robynne M. Gravenhorst

    from The Anatomical Theatre

    Theo Brown


  • B&W Photographic Images

    Fred Burkhart

  • Color Photography

    Carrie Notari Harlan

    Kathryn & Theresa Sofianos

  • Live Film & Video Mixing

    OVT Visualz

  • DJ

    La Duece

  • Body Graffiti & Performance

    Christian Erik Meyer

  • Sculpture

    Lois Horowitz

  • Installation

    Mary Lou Green

  • Violin

    Jamie Bowman

  • Percussion

    Adam Keener

  • Body Piercing


    from Milios

  • Hair Design

    Terri Weidell & Lycia Shatzer

    from Creative Artists Salon

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